Your teenage years are an incredibly transformative time in your life. They are a time of self discovery and all sorts of questions and issues come up. Who am I? What’s my place in the world? What’s truth? Is there a greater point to all of this than simply pursuing my own desires, passions, needs and greed? Only in the light of who God is and what Jesus has done is it possible to truthfully answer these questions.  Knowing God shapes our identity, following Jesus offers purpose and hope, and journeying as a part of the Church community gives us belonging and encouragement to adventure forwards.

In light of this the Sunday gatherings at St Luke’s are designed to be fairly youth friendly and to offer wisdom and insight for young people traversing their teenage years.

As well as that, we also have a youth Connect Group that is headed up by Lucy Grace and Steve Reid. They are passionate about young people finding true life in God and are always happy to create space for high school aged youth to join in the many adventures they have.

St Luke's Youth meet every second Monday night as well as once a month on a Sunday morning heading off to McDondalds to hang. They've a youth calendar with a variety of different events on it. For more information please e-mail or you can check them out on Facebook here at the world's longest hyperlink ever...