For all sorts of reasons it’s not always possible to make it to our weekly St Luke’s Sunday gathering. That’s ok. If you missed out you can download our most recent teachings below or even subscribe to our podcast. As well as that, sometimes it’s worth listening to a teaching two or three times, allowing the Holy Spirit to really speak to you through the message. There might be one particular line, perhaps not even something the speaker had prepped to say, that really resonated with you. Track back and have a listen below, perhaps you’ll be inspired, encouraged, challenged, provoked or enlightened all over again.

Audio of St Luke's teachings can be listened to or downloaded below. For backdated messages please see our Podcast in iTunes.

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From Prose to Poetry - Strahan Coleman41 min.

Audio Resources

41 min.From Prose to Poetry - Strahan ColemanClick Here
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45 min.Pentecost - Jesus in Languages Not Your Own - Joseph McAuleyClick Here
38 min.Ascension - Closer Than You Know - Joseph McAuleyClick Here
33 min.Easter 2018 - A Lowly Donkey - Heidi SealClick Here
36 min.Easter 2018 - An Alternative to Punishment - Richard JensonClick Here
33 min.Easter 2018 - The Beatitudes, a Word from ElsewhereClick Here
45 min.Easter 2018 - The Good Gardener - Joseph McAuleyClick Here
36 min.Easter 2018 - Resurrection - Joseph McAuleyClick Here
26 min.Lent 2018 - Palm Sunday - Joseph McAuleyClick Here