New to church?

If you’ve never been to church before, or only been to church a couple of times when you were a child, then perhaps you’re wondering what it’s all about. We’ll try and explain as concisely as possible.

Basically as Christians we believe that God created the universe and that what he created was outstanding. Humankind was created special within all of creation and everything functioned beautifully together. Things have gone drastically wrong though. Humankind decided to ignore God and make decisions as to how to live on their own. They went their own way and as a result the world has been slowly self destructing ever since. You don’t have to look very far to see the heartache, oppression, injustice, and tragedy that exist in the world. You don’t have to live very long to experience personally those things as both a victim and a perpetrator. When you live contrary to God’s way of living you sin.

Sin is ultimately so ingrained in who we are that the only way to find freedom from sin, from living life your own way, is to enter into a life transforming relationship with God. We find grace, forgiveness and healing when we chose to put our trust in Jesus Christ and turn from our way of living to embrace his way of living. We don’t just live with a new moral compass but rather actually experience a supernatural change on the inside. Perhaps you know someone who once lived a certain kind of life, perhaps one that was quite destructive, and yet somehow in some way they encountered Jesus and everything has changed for them. So much so that at times the turnaround could be described as miraculous? That’s the reality of the transformation that takes place when you find Jesus and allow him to change the direction of your life. It’s not always so spectacular when looking from the outside but the change on the inside is always life changing.

Even though Christians still get things wrong and still make mistakes, we’re convinced that the way to truly live life in a manner that is healthy and whole for everyone is to live with Jesus as our reference point. We do believe in ultimate truth and that it is found in Jesus Christ. Church, in this case St Luke’s, is a community of Christ followers who gather each Sunday to stir, encourage, challenge, support and help each other in the adventure of living life the way of Jesus. We don’t have all the answers, we don’t have everything figured out, together though we’re committed to journeying forward in what we do know and look forward to continually learning and understanding what it is to be a Christian. As a community we’re committed to standing with each other, loving each other, and encouraging each other in life. Anyone is welcome to join us when we gather on a Sunday and to be a part of the journey. You might not be convinced of all the things that we are, that’s no problem, if you’re looking for truth and a more meaningful way to live then you’ll fit right in.

Our Sunday gatherings are at 9:00am or 11:00am every Sunday at the "Equippers" building, 146 Devonport Road, Tauranga. Feel free to come along anytime. For more information on what to expect at Sunday gatherings click here.