Love / Reach / Lift



One of the things we are committed to at St Luke's is loving people no matter where they’re at, reaching people with the truth and grace of Jesus Christ, and where we can, lifting people out of oppression, poverty and lack. Jesus had good news for the poor, He set the oppressed free and proclaimed the Lord’s favour. We too, can and must be involved in this mission.  Each of us everyday have the opportunity to engage in Christ's mission of healing and reconciliation in the world and are called to play a part. As a community we're called to engage in this mission as well. 


Blessed to be a Blessing

One of policies we've set in place at St Luke's, in regards to how we order our budget each year, is to give away a percentage of that which is generously given to St Luke's. We love giving to organisations and causes that are bringing healing and health (in some way or another) to individuals and communities locally, nationally and internationally. These have included the likes of Worldvision, Women's Refuge, and Foodbank.  In our first year as a church community we committed to and gave away 10% of our general offerings. Now in our second year we are giving away 15% and from next year onwards look forward to giving away 20% of our general offerings. 


Chi-Kreng, Cambodia

St Luke's is right behind the work of World Vision NZ and the Area Development Prorgamme (ADP) they have established in Chi-Kreng, Cambodia. ADP's are funded through child sponsorship and raise funds for the establishment and development of educational, health care, agricultural and economic enterprise. Che-Kreng is a community of 26 villages and 23,000 people in the Siem Reap province of Cambodia. Members of our community sponsor children from Che-Kreng and we have more children that can be sponsored at our Info Station each Sunday. St Luke's also regularily donates lump sums towards this work.