At St Luke’s one of our convictions is that New Testament believers are to live generous lives which overflow with love and compassion. Out of the transforming love, grace, freedom and life that is found in the resurrected Jesus, there naturally flows a commitment to give one’s whole life back to God. There is an overwhelming passion to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit and join into God’s redemptive and ongoing work in the world. This will mean giving of one’s time and money to all sorts of causes, charities, and needs outside of the local church, as well as a strong commitment to partnering with and planting oneself in a local church community. 

In the context of our church community we give of our time, our energy, our talents or abilities, and of course our finances. We’re not simply supporting but rather working together in the advancement of the Kingdom of God through our church. We don’t do this out of compulsion or pressure but cheerfully and freely, passionate about our local church and its role in our lives, our community and our world.

When it comes to money and giving towards the work, ministry and expenses of the local church we believe that how much a person gives is ultimately an issue between them and God. We believe that the New Testament teaches generous freewill joyful giving and consider it a privilege to be able to honour God in our giving and to sow into our local church. We’re mindful that we are stewards of all that God has given us and that 100% of everything we have is his and is to be used for the glory of God. Therefore we encourage all in our church community to partner together and give financially to St Luke’s as they determine in their heart.

In light of all of this we do also believe that the practice of tithing, embraced as a freewill spiritual discipline, is an extremely healthy practice to develop in our lives. By determining each week to give 10% of our income towards the ministry of our local church we practice living in a counterintuitive manner to that of the consumer driven, materialistic and self focused culture that surrounds us. We develop a rhythm in our life that in a tangible and significant way reminds us of, and aligns us to, our convictions that God is our source and supply, and that we live in order that his will would be done on earth as in heaven.  We remind ourselves of the importance and value of the local church. We join with others in our community in a common practice that unites us and brings us together in our commitment to the way of Jesus. We practice putting our trust in Jesus rather than in wealth or possessions. We adjust our spending habits in order to give generously and practice sacrifice and simplicity rather than continual consumption. We continue a practice that has been alive in many churches for hundreds of years, a practice that when removed of manipulation and grounded in freedom is life giving, life changing and Kingdom expanding!

Each week at our Sunday gatherings there is a large white 'Giving :)' box that you are able to put your donations in. There are envelopes available that you can put your giving in with room to fill in personal details and thus receive a receipt for your giving at the end of the financial year (all donations are tax deductible). You can also give via credit card using these envelopes. If you’d like to set up an automatic payment or use internet banking to give, our bank account details are as follows.

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