At St Luke's we've geared things up to be as baby (and as parent) friendly as possible. We understand that while sometimes babies make cute noises they are also known to scream the house down. We can handle this. (Likely it might be a nice idea to take the screaming ones for a walk out on the deck though). We're not Chipmunks Playland but we've got toys and an area for mothers who are feeding. So if you’ve got a baby or small children just know that you’re welcome. There are babies and small children everywhere at St Luke's, we're used to them and understand the dynamics that come with trying to navigate a Sunday morning with kids. You can relax at St Luke's. 

If you'd like your baby dedicated at St Luke's we do this regularily. Some traditions practice infant baptism and charge parents to raise their children in a way that they would come to understand baptism for themselves. Our practice at St Luke's though is to pray a prayer of blessing over babies and their parents and to acknowledge together children as a gift from God. We recognise the challenges and the joys of parenting and the responsibility of parents, extended family and the church community to champion children and help them to grow to a place of maturity in their faith where they would choose to be baptised themselves latter on in life. If you'd like more information of this please e-mail us.